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Best Diffuser to Relieve Your Stress and Anxiety

Best Diffuser to Relieve Your Stress and Anxiety
Updated 28 September 2021

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to pleasantly scent a room in your home. They also add humidity to the air and can enhance relaxation in any environment, so it’s no wonder they are so common and popular. However, not all oil diffusers are made alike. That’s why we compiled this list of reviews paired with an informational guide. If you are looking for the best diffuser in the market today, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out which essential oil diffusers made our top 8 list. What is the best diffuser on the market? Let’s find out! Why Trust Us? Our experts spend hours researching and comparing a diverse range of products in order to find the best so that you don’t have to. Where possible, we test out the product and give our expert perspective. Our product selections are 100% unbiased and never influenced by any third party.

The Asakuki essential oil diffuser features LED lights in seven colours that can be adjusted to be bright or dim, an automatic shutoff function, four timer options, and a high or low mist mode. Unlike the other diffusers for oils on our list, this model offers an upgraded model that has Wi-Fi capabilities that sync to an app on your phone. The app allows you to access all of the functions and even allows you to connect it to Alexa.

This is one of the best essential oil diffusers on our list for a large room in your home because of its large capacity. The tank can hold 500 ml of water and lasts up to 16 hours in low mist mode.

However, this aroma diffuser may not have an intermittent mist mode nor a locking lid and may not be suitable for those who want a battery-operated device.


  • Seven colours of LED lights
  • Good choice for large rooms
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi option
  • Up to 16 hours of continuous spray


  • Lid may not lock into place
  • May not be for those who want a portable diffuser
  • May not offer an intermittent mist function

The Bobolyn essential oil diffuser features an auto shut off function, seven colours of LED lights that are soft enough to serve as a mood light, as well as a constant and intermittent mist mode. We especially like this aroma diffuser because of its portable and rechargeable design.

Its tank only holds 100 ml of water, but it has a powerful mist and runs quietly for up to four hours continuously.

Unfortunately, this device may heat up as it is used, which could be an inconvenience for some, it may not be good in a home with large rooms, and its compact size may require regular cleaning to prevent clogging.


  • Tiny but effective
  • Six artistic designs
  • Durable metal materials
  • Seven light colours
  • Portable and rechargeable


  • May require regular cleaning
  • It might not be suited for a large room
  • May use heat to diffuse oils

This Asakuki diffuser features a stronger vibration frequency that enables more mist with a denser consistency. As a bonus, it also produces a decent amount of humidity.

The extra-large 700ml tank can operate for up to 20 hours when on the low mist output mode. It also features an adjustable timer function, an automatic shutoff function to protect the motor and adjustable light brightness. We also love that the lid on this diffuser is easy to remove and easy to clean as well.

Unfortunately, this diffuser may beep every time you push a button which can be disruptive in some situations. You may also have to cycle through every colour to reach the standard white light colour.


  • Extra-large 700ml tank capacity
  • Square shape with wood grain accents
  • Humidifier function
  • Timer and auto-shutoff
  • Up to 20 hours of running time


  • It might beep with every button push, which may be disruptive
  • It may be a bother to flick through the colour options
  • May not include essential oils in the package

We really like the Tisserand oil diffuser because of its high-quality compact design. It features continuous and intermittent mist modes and an auto shut off function. It also has a soft light that changes between different, faint colours, which can be set to steady or can be turned off completely while you sleep.

This device has a 100 ml tank capacity. On continuous mode, it will run for up to five hours and for as many as nine hours on the intermittent mist setting. No matter which setting you choose, this oil diffuser remains quiet and should not disrupt even the lightest sleeper.

Unfortunately, the compact size and smaller size of this diffuser mean it may not be ideal for larger rooms. It may also require a wall socket for usage, so it may not be portable. Lastly, this oil diffuser may not have a timer function, but this may not be an issue for some.


  • High quality
  • Ultrasonic mist
  • Super quiet
  • Auto shut off and intermittent modes
  • 2018 Baby Shortlist Mama and Baby Award


  • May not be suitable for large rooms
  • Tank capacity may be too small for some

Each colour option of InnoGear’s essential oil diffusers features a light, but only the white has a glowing body design. The two wood finished options only have a small light on top and are more ornamental. Each oil diffuser has a constant or intermittent spray option and features an automatic shutoff for safety.

This oil diffuser has a compact design featuring a 150 ml water tank capacity that lasts up to six hours on continuous spray mode.

If you’re considering this option, be aware that due to its compact size, it may not be good for a large room, it may not have the option to be battery operated, and there may be no timer function.


  • Super quiet
  • Constant or intermittent mist options
  • Compact design
  • Ornamental or glowing light design


  • It might be insufficient for a large room
  • May not have a timer
  • It might not be portable

This Bobolyn diffuser features an auto shut off when the tank empties, four timer setting modes, and seven colours that can cycle or stay fixed. The unique light pattern makes this oil diffuser a beautiful addition to any room.

The compact tank on this oil diffuser holds 120 ml of water that lasts for up to four hours. The handmade cover is made from durable, thick glass, so you shouldn’t have to worry about its fragility.

The smaller mist opening on this particular essential oil diffuser may make cleaning regularly a necessity. Also, it may only have one mist strength that cannot be set to intermittent, and its smaller size means it may not be ideal for a home with large rooms.


  • Handmade glass cover
  • Fireworks light design
  • Four timer options
  • Seven light colours
  • Vase-shaped design


  • May require regular cleaning
  • May only have one mist strength
  • It may not be suited for a large room or home

The tall 150ml tank on the Criacr diffuser produces mist for up to four to five hours. It has three working modes allowing intermittent, continuous output of mist or lights only. Hence, you can increase the scent or prolong the operation time based on your preference. It also has a whisper-quiet operation, so it should not disturb you while you sleep.

This diffuser features an LED light with seven different colours and two different brightness levels, allowing you to change the ambience of a room with a push of a button. It also has anti-slip rubber feet to prevent accidentally knocking it over and an automatic shutoff to protect the motor.

Be aware; this diffuser may lack a timer function. It will run until the water is lower than the tank and will automatically turn off. It may also have a trickier lid to screw on and off. Plus, it could spray droplets of water, creating a mess if the tank is accidentally overfilled.


  • Seven coloured and adjustable brightness light
  • Tall 150ml tank
  • Automatic shutoff function
  • Whisper quiet
  • Anti-slip rubber foot pads


  • May lack a timer function
  • It may be trickier to remove and replace the lid
  • Could spray water if the tank is overfilled

With this diffuser, you can choose between either a dark or white wood grain base. The Asakuki diffuser has a 300ml tank capacity that operates for up to 10 hours with one fill. It has two varying mist modes allowing you to select either a strong or weak mist output based on your preferences at the time.

This diffuser features seven mood lighting colour options with a cycle or fixed colour mode. The light also has an adjustable brightness or can be turned off. This diffuser also has a one, three, or six-hour timer and an automatic mist shutoff function.

Just remember that it could be a little difficult to open the cover, so be careful when doing so if there’s any water in the tank. Lastly, the light may not automatically shut off when the tank gets empty.


  • High humidity production
  • Dark or white wood grain finished base
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Seven coloured lights with adjustable brightness
  • Strong or weak mist modes


  • Light may not shut off automatically
  • It may not be the easiest to open

Benefits of an Oil Diffuser

The benefits of using an oil diffuser are many. First, the fragrance it emits can create a soothing and relaxing environment in the room it’s placed. This makes it extra useful in your bedroom, where relaxing scents, like lavender, have even been known to improve your overall sleep quality. Second, in the same way oil diffusers can be relaxing, they can also be invigorating or increase focus when it comes to stronger, brighter fragrances like peppermint. Third, an oil diffuser adds a small amount of humidity to your environment, which can be nice in arid climates or during the warmer months of the year.

Types of Oil Diffusers

If you are wondering what type of essential oil diffuser is best, there are three main types you should be aware of when it comes to performance.


Ultrasonic diffusers use water and a chamber to build up pressure before emitting a fine, scented mist into the air. Ultrasonic oil diffusers are the most common because they are simple to use, often have advanced settings, add humidity to the air, and usually include a soft light as an added bonus.


In an evaporative diffuser, an essential oil is put on a pad or other absorbing material, and a fan is used to spread the oil scent around the room.


A nebulizing diffuser disperses essential oil rapidly without changing its chemical composition. They do not require heat or water to function and are also used for some types of medication. If you are asking, what is the best smelling diffuser? This might be the best type for you, but really it depends on personal preference.

What to Look For in a Diffuser

To help you in your decision-making process, here are some factors you may want to consider.


What are the best room diffusers? It depends on the size of the room. If you want to use your diffuser in a large space, you will want to look for one with a larger water capacity, something that holds about 500 ml of water. For a medium-sized room, a 300 ml capacity is usually sufficient. Anything with a capacity lower than 300 ml is best used in a small room.


The settings on an oil diffuser have a wide range. Some have only one spray setting, while others have a light or strong mist mode and an intermittent or constant spray option. Another common setting includes timer functions that can be programmed in varying increments of time. The best aromatherapy diffuser for you will depend on how advanced you want the settings to be.


Whether or not you prefer your oil diffuser to have a light should also be a priority. Some prefer a diffuser that has no light at all for use in their bedroom, while others enjoy a soft light to add to the ambience of a room. In addition, some diffusers have intricate lights that change colour. What type would you prefer?

Power Source

How an oil diffuser is powered is also important. All of the products on our list are compatible with UK wall outlet power sources, but some have the option to be battery operated or have a rechargeable power plug resulting in easy portability.


Now that you have a better understanding of what traits to look for in the best diffuser for the market today, let’s quickly review our Editor’s Choice – the Asakuki Premium 500ml essential oil diffuser before you make your final decision.

Thanks to its 5-in-1 design, it not only provides you with the option of aromatherapy but is also able to purify and humidify the air of your home. We also liked that its large 500ml capacity lasts for up to 16 hours on the low mist mode and that it is made from BPA-free PP materials. With its seven LED light options, you can find lighting to suit your mood, and you can also use it without any light.

The publisher earns affiliate commissions from Amazon for qualifying purchases. The opinions expressed about the independently selected products mentioned in this content are those of the publisher, not Amazon.

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What do you think of this article?

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