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The Best Reed Diffusers

The Best Reed Diffusers
Updated 10 November 2021

When we walk through the door after a busy day, it’s a joy if our homes exude a fresh, pleasant aroma. Of course, leaving scented candles burning all day is a definite no-go, and chemical-packed air fresheners can seem a little artificial. Reed diffusers are the perfect happy medium. They require no effort on your part, and they’ll safely fragrance your living space whether you’re in or out, radiating a subtle scent of your choice.

Reed diffusers are long-lasting, safe, and provide just the right amount of scent to enliven your senses, without being overpowering. We’ve gathered a list of the best reed diffusers on the market so you can enjoy a beautiful smelling home, all the time.

Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser

Leading the way in sensational home scents, Yankee Candle strikes again with their reed diffuser in Fluffy Towels. Natural rattan reeds sit in a pretty wood-and-glass vial of fragrance oil, exuding a continuous subtle scent for up to ten weeks.

As well as adding a stylish accent to your home decor (this diffuser looks great on the mantelpiece) the Fluffy Towels scent is not to be sniffed at. If it’s not your style, opt for Clean Cotton, Sparkling Cinnamon, Fresh Cut Roses, or a whole host of other tantalising scents.

In this set, you’ll get the glass water vial, 120ml of reed diffuser oil, and twelve rattan reeds.

Binca Vidou Reed Diffuser Set

by binca vidou
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Relax and unwind

This stylish bottle houses a sweet and fruity aroma which works to de-stress and revitalise the mind.

It’s long been known that pleasant aromas can work to de-stress a worried mind. This infusion by Binca Vidou offers a thoughtful blend of bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, and lavender for a subtle yet stress-busting aroma to fill your home.

The diffuser reeds sit in a contemporary-style bottle, making it a treat for the eyes and the olfactories. Control the intensity of the fragrance by adding or removing reeds for a truly customised experience. The fruity and floral scent works to engage your senses, and it’s great to place in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even office for 24/7 pleasant smells all around.

You can expect this fragrance oil to infuse for up to fifty days before you’ll need to get yourself a reed diffuser refill, too.

James & Co No. 1 White Reed Diffuser

Emulate the experience of your favourite boutique spa stay with this uber-refreshing reed diffuser by James & Co. Offering up to eight weeks of gorgeous fragrance, this diffuser exudes scents of cotton blossom with a hint of fresh linen for good measure. The result is a refreshing blend of enlivening aromas, which make this reed diffuser ideal for morning energy.

The clean and invigorating scent will cut through any stale odours, bringing life to your home and making it feel five-star spa-worthy. The elegant bottle is the icing on the cake, with its glass and chrome design bringing a whisper of modern style to your home, too.

Amber Noir Reed Diffuser

This reed diffuser by Shearer Candles embodies the sweet, sultry scents of the East, making your home feel warm and welcoming, yet a little mysterious.

Amber is known to alleviate fatigue and stress, and the natural essential oils present in this reed diffuser oil works wonders on calming the mind and making us feel oh-so-relaxed. You can expect it to last up to six weeks thanks to the long-lasting fragrance oil, and the black diffuser gives a subtle air of mystique.

The minimalist bottle will fit seamlessly with any home interiors, adding a bonus touch of elegance to your home.

Set of 3 Reed Diffusers by Binca Vidou

While a single reed diffuser will do a fantastic job of freshening up a room or two, you’ll need a little more if you’re going to spread that aroma around your whole house. Opt for this set of three reed diffusers by Binca Vidou for a well-rounded, aromatic glow.

Each diffuser offers a different scent, with Apple, Strawberry, and Lemon options. Lemon is wonderful to freshen up your bathroom, while the apple and citrus oil will liven up your kitchen like a dream. The sensual berry and wine reed diffuser oil is ideal for a subtle yet intoxicating bedroom aroma. With these three diffusers, you can craft a different experience for each room of your home.

The high percentage of fragrance oil in these diffusers means your sparkling aromas will certainly not go unnoticed. Of course, you’ll get enough diffuser reeds for the three bottles, too.

Packed in a gorgeous box, these reed diffusers make a beautiful gift for a scent-loving loved one, or just yourself!

Fifth Sense London Reed Diffuser

Even with the most mindful, elegant interior design, your home isn’t quite complete with a luxuriant scent to engage those olfactories. Enter the Fifth Sense reed diffuser oil in Serenity. This delicate fragrance consists of jasmine and white floral base notes, topped with dry cedarwood, patchouli, and vanilla for a hint of sweetness. It’s a fragrance that’s as sophisticated as you, and as such, it’s the ideal aroma to have lingering around your lovely home.

This elegant reed diffuser is guaranteed to last for up to three months of continuous use. If you wish to level up (or down) with your scent, simply add or remove a few reeds accordingly. Made in Britain, this reed diffuser is luxury, bottled.

BOTANICA by Air Wick

Packed with nature-inspired ingredients (think pineapple and Tunisian rosemary with this one!), you’ll certainly bypass any obviously chemically scented with the Air Wicks reed diffuser. Exuding notes of the tropics, this reed diffuser is a great choice for your bathroom, bedroom, or perhaps as a welcoming fragrance in your lobby.

How to Use a Reed Diffuser

One of the most appealing aspects of reed diffusers is that they require minimal to no effort on your part. You simply get to sit back and reap the aromatic rewards of the delicious-smelling oils. However, there are a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your reed diffuser. Read on to find out:

Setting Up Your Reed Diffuser
Typically, your new reed diffuser will come in two parts. You’ll get the glass bottle filled with reed diffuser oil (this is the fragrance oil from which the reeds will disperse their scent), and a set of reeds. All that’s required from you is to place a few of the reeds into the bottle and set it in your preferred space in your home.

Adding/Removing Reeds
You are in total control of the intensity of your reed diffuser, too. If you prefer a more subtle aroma, opt for putting half of the supplied reeds into the diffuser bottle. If you prefer an intense, more noticeable aroma, simply max out on the reeds. It’s that simple!

If you’ve found an elegant reed diffuser bottle that you love and melds well with your interior design, there’s no need to keep replacing it. Mix up your fragrances by buying a reed diffuser refill, and simply thoroughly wash out your glass bottle and pour in your refill! You’ll need new reeds for this, lest the fragrances get muddled up (this will affect the delicate balance of the intended aroma). Diffuser reeds are super cheap to pick up on Amazon, so stock up for a fresh fragrance, every time.


Q: Can you wash diffuser reeds?
A: The simple answer is no. Once your reeds become saturated with fragrance oil, they’ll no longer exude the desirable level of fragrance around your home. Luckily, you can purchase diffuser reeds on their own, and they’re super affordable. So, stock up to make sure you don’t find yourself short.

Q: How often should you turn reeds in a diffuser?
A: Fresh reeds absorb more oil, leading to a stronger fragrance. So, it figures that flipping the reeds will help to kick that aroma off. While this is true and you can happily flip your reeds every day, every other day, or every week, remember that this will make the oils evaporate more quickly, so you may not get the longevity you desire from your reed diffuser.

Q: How can I make my reed diffuser less strong?
A: Just remove a few of the reeds from your diffuser bottle. The more reeds you have, the stronger the fragrance will be. The less you have, the more subtle it’ll be.

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