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Customer Review

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 March 2020
I pre-ordered this a while ago for my Nintendo Switch Lite.

I have spent 2 days playing it so far and im not getting to bed until 4am, its so addictive. Good job we all are self isolating because of Coronavirus because i think i would lose my job.

Its a nifty little game, there is so much to do, there is lots of going back and forth, gathering materials, making tools, accumulating miles and bells, fishing, and visiting mystery islands.

I think ive played a good 20 hours so far over the 2 days, and ive only just managed to pay nook his 5000 miles and took a loan out for my house. There is a lot of work to do.

This will take me months and months to get through, i am okay with that though because it keeps me busy, distracted from the isolation, and i really enjoy it.

Fantastic value.


Im not sure if any you have played this before but wanted to share some tips and tricks that i had to figure out the hard way.

You start off with a native fruit, mine was oranges. You have to pay 2000 miles for a nook ticket to visit mystery islands to try and forage iron nuggets and other fruits. Once you have those fruits do not sell them. Use your flimsy shovel to dig holes and then plant the fruit in the holes and it will grow a fuit tree. You have to look for Oranges, Cherries, Pears, Apples, Peaches, and Coconuts. On that last one, Coconut trees can only be planted on the beach.

When foraging for iron nuggets, dig 2 holes behind you so that you dont fall backwards, and hit your stones with a shovel and it will spit out iron nuggets. You will need 30 to give to Nook to build the shop.

Also fish twice a day, once in the daytime and once at night because you will get different types of fish.

Upgrade with your miles to get bigger storage, it will cost you 8000 miles but its worth it.

You will need a vaulting pole to jump over rivers. You will get it from Blathers when you give him 15 specimens to open the museum. Unlike other tools it wont ever break.

Be prepared to replace your tools a lot because they do not last. When you get your house start stockpiling wood. Your house comes with a nifty feature. Free storage. You press right on the direction pad and you can put things into storage for safe keeping. Shake your trees every day to get tree branches. Each tree will spit out 8 branches, but never more than that. Same with your fruit. Stockpile. You can use it to trade for other fruits when you visit other islands or when you get online friend codes. And you can use it to plant fruit trees. I have planted hundreds all over my island. Nook also gives you money for fruit so its a good money making scheme.

When you get your shovel, once a day you will notice a glowing spot on the ground, use your shovel and dig a hole. It will give you a money bag. 1st one is 1000 bells. Leave the hole open and click x to select the bag but use the joystick to increase the value of the bag to 10,000 bells and then bury the bag in the hole. This gives you a money tree. Each tree then gives you 3 bags of 10,000 bells. You can then use your shovel to dig the money tree up and replant it somewhere easier to find. Ive put all mine next to my house, i have 4 so far.

You will need them becuase infastructure later in the game is expensive. Your 1st bridge costs you over 100, 000 bells and more so you need a lot of money.

Thats as far as ive got so far. Hope this has been helpful.
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