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Customer Review

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 August 2018
I will be comparing this product to the "official" equivalent: the wireless Xbox 360 controller for windows/PC, receiver, and battery pack/charging cable, which will altogether run you around £45-£50. This is the controller I have been using for gaming for many years now, but I have recently purchased this product as a third controller for use on a second PC.

Immediately, this far cheaper alternative is proven much simpler to use. Simply plugging in the receiver and pressing the guide button saw instant compatibility, no lengthy driver installation or synchronisation/detection issues. On top of that, it charges with the ubiquitous mini-usb to USB cable (which is provided in case you don't have one lying around anyway).

As a controller, it is a near perfect substitute. The frame is actually superior in ergonomics, and feels like a firmer grip with the rubber pads and subtly shaped finger grooves. The face buttons (ABXY), triggers and bumpers are also of equivalent quality, although I have not compared the feathering of the triggers in games that include half-pressing or a continuous scale of trigger depression.

The lesser used start and back buttons are lower quality rubber cylinders rather than the smooth plastic oval domes of the official controller, but since few games have you pressing these in a hurry I see no issue here.

More notably are the two key issues with the controller: the d-pad and the analogue sticks. Quality d-pads are rare and so I am willing to overlook this issue contsidering the price point of the controller. Although if you are considering using this to play a game where precise movement is controlled via the dpad (such as a platformer or fighting game), you should look at spending more, if you are likely to only use the dpad for menus and single presses to select /switch items etc. you will be fine.

The biggest drawback of this controller is the analogue stick deadzones. You will need to push the sticks quite far to hit the minimum detected level, which leaves little room and more strained motor control between the min and max areas of the sticks. This is especially noticeable in camera control, as you will find yourself having to jerk the camera around at maximum, with little ability to finely control its position. In a game where aiming quickly is important, this can and should be a deal breaker, but in a slower game or one without fine alalogie stick control you will not notice this.

I have been playing monster hunter world with this controller and for example have had no issue with the left stick, which is usually pushed to the edge for movement anyway, or he dpad, which is used for menus and selecting items. The only issue for me is the right stick, which makes aiming with the bow difficult. My girlfrind uses the longsword, however, and has no issue with the right stick as it is not needed to aim the camera as precisely as with the bow.

So overall you've got a great cheaper alternative to the pricey official Xbox controller that won't make you lose sleep with buyers remorse.
I would heartily recommend this as a secondary controller to anyone, or even as a main controller to someone who only plays games infrequently and doesn't want to pay £50 for a few subtle improvements.
However, if you play games often it is worth paying a little more for your primary controller.

Rating 4/5 because of the size of the analogue stick deadzones, but very pleased with this product at the price.
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