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General Competition Questions

1. What is KDP and the Kindle Storyteller Competition?

The Kindle Storyteller Competition is a literary prize for authors who publish in any genre in English on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), our self-publishing service between 1ST May 2022 and 31st August 2022. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control and publish their books worldwide on the Kindle. Independent publishing gives all authors more choices than they’ve ever had in deciding how to bring their writing to readers. The availability of independent publishing options has resulted in a more robust and diverse set of voices telling their stories and then making those stories available to readers than ever before. Authors who use KDP retain their rights, can get to market as fast as they wish, earn royalties of up to 70%, keep control of how their work is published, distribute globally and in multiple languages, and do it all for free. For more information on the Competition, visit the Competition Terms & Conditions. For more information on KDP, visit our KDP homepage and the KDP Help pages.

2. What's the Competition prize?

Each Finalist will receive a Kindle Oasis E-reader. The winning author will receive a cash prize of £20,000 and a merchandise package to support the book on

3. Can I participate?

The prize is open to anyone over the age of 18 who publishes their book through Kindle Direct Publishing on between 1st May 2022 and 31st August 2022. It does not matter if you have never published, or if you have participated in previous editions. The book you submit for the Competition must not have been published anywhere before, in any language. Co-authors are allowed (but only a maximum of two per book). All titles must be entered into the KDP Select programme for the entry period in order to be considered and must be published in print and digital formats. For more information, you can visit and the Competition Terms & Conditions.

4. What are the Competition entry requirements?

When you publish on KDP, you will need to comply with the KDP content guidelines and the Competition entry requirements (as further set out in the Competition Terms & Conditions). Keyword: You need to include “StorytellerUK2022” (without quotation marks) in the Keyword section on KDP when you create your book. You can add 6 more keywords if you wish. KDP Select: Your eBook needs to be enrolled in KDP Select while your book is in the Competition. You can use any of the KDP Select benefits to promote your book while it is in the Competition. Formats: You need to publish your title in both eBook and paperback versions to enter the Competition. The paperback version of your book must be at least 24 pages long. First publishing: You book must have never been published before and must be your original work Genres: Books can be submitted from any genre. Number of entries: There is no limit to the number of books to be submitted by an author. Number of authors: Any book submitted to the Competition should have a maximum of two authors.

5. How can I check if I am participating? Can I see a Competition ranking?

After your book (eBook and paperback) is available for sale on Amazon, it will undergo a compliance check with the Competition requirements, which may take up to 4 business days. After that time, you may find your book listed in the Competition page. If this time has passed and you do not find your book within the participants, and you have confirmed that you comply with all the requirements, reach out through Contact Us on your KDP account page.

6. How are the finalists selected and announced?

Readers will play a significant role in the competition, with the award shortlist compiled based on customer feedback for the entries, followed by an esteemed panel of judges - made up of both Amazon experts and literary authorities - selecting the Kindle Storyteller 2022 winner. Customer feedback that will be taken into consideration when compiling the shortlist includes sales, reads through Kindle Unlimited and reviews and other measures. Shortlisted authors will be contacted via phone or email. The shortlist will be announced on the Storyteller page. For further information, see the Competition Terms and Conditions.

7. How is the winner selected and announced? Is there a panel?

A panel will read the final shortlist and choose a winning book based on quality, including factors such as originality and creativity of book content and quality of writing and writing style. The winner will be announced in Q4 2022 and added to the Storyteller Competition page. The judges will be announced soon.

8. What is KDP Select? What does "exclusive" mean?

KDP Select is a program on KDP that offers you great benefits when publishing your eBook exclusively on Amazon for 90-day periods at a time. It also entails making your eBook available on all Amazon stores. While optional for publishing with KDP, enrolment into KDP Select is a requirement if you wish to participate in this competition. KDP Select offers promotional tools that you can use also during the competition. It will also make your title available on Kindle Unlimited, our reading subscription service, which will allow you to earn royalties based on pages read and to reach new customers. To enrol your eBook on KDP Select, simply check the box on the eBook pricing tab when you first set up your eBook.

9. Can I modify my book during the Competition?

Yes. As long as you remain compliant with all requirements, you can continue to make changes to your book (eBook and paperback).

10. Can I publish as preorder?

Yes. You can publish your eBook as a pre-order as long as the release day fits within the entry period.

11. Can I promote my book during the Competition?

Yes. You can promote your book using Amazon services, such as any benefit of KDP Select. You may also use external services, as long as they are compliant with KDP Terms & Conditions.

12. If I publish at the beginning or end of the Competition, does it make any difference?

We will consider all submissions, as long as they are compliant with all the competition requirements (see the Competition Terms & Conditions).

13. What happens to my book after the competition? Will it still be exclusive to Amazon?

After the finalists are announced and the then current 90-day KDP Select enrolment for your eBook ends, you may decide if you want your book to remain in KDP Select. If you are one of the selected finalists, your title should remain in KDP Select until the winner is announced.

14. How can I have my eBook and paperback versions linked on a single detail page?

Once your book is published on both formats, it might take up to 48 hours for your eBook and paperback versions to appear on the same detail page on Amazon. To prevent issues, we recommend creating both versions from the same entry on your Bookshelf. See KDP Help pages for more info.

15. If I publish on the first day or last day of the Competition, could I fall outside the Competition entry period?

Please consider the official time zone for the entry period when publishing your book. This might not be the same time as your local time. The Competition entry period is from 1st May 2022 to 31st August 2022, both inclusive.

16. How does Amazon create and print the paperback version of my book?

We use our own Print-On-Demand technology and processes. See KDP Help pages (See 14 for Help Pages link) for more info.