Tap Mounted Water Filter Installation

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What's included
  • Confirming proper function
  • If additional works are required, additional costs may be incurred
  • Connecting one customer-supplied tap mounted water filter to existing faucet
  • Installing water filter
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with Tap Mounted Water Filter Installation?

  • Connecting one customer-supplied tap mounted water filter to existing faucet
  • Typical installation time of 1 hour
  • Installing water filter
  • Confirming proper function

Why should I hire a pro?

Allowing a professional to do the heavy lifting saves you time, and frees you from the hassle of interpreting unclear product instructions or keeping track of stray parts and hardware. A pro will have the right tools and experience to do the job quickly, correctly, and safely the first time.

What if something goes wrong?

We stand behind every service with our Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your installation service, we’ll make it right or give you a full refund.

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