TV Wall Mounting

What's included
  • Installation of 1 provider-supplied standard, non-swivel TV mounting bracket
  • More complex brackets may be available from the provider with 48 hours notice at an additional charge
  • Brick or Stone cable concealment within wall using a provider-supplied power cable management kit, re-decoration not included
  • Additional cables e.g. HDMI, power and aerial are not included and should be provided by the customer
  • Power outlet must be within 1m of mounting location. This service does not include running wiring or creating additional power outlets.
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware
  • If additional works are required, additional costs may be incurred
How big is your TV?
Will you provide your own mounting bracket?
How should the cables be concealed?
Estimate: £320.00
How do estimates work?
Pros base their estimates on a standard scope of work, and 9 out of 10 customers see no change in final pricing. You will have a chance to review the service details and confirm final pricing with your pro before the work begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with TV Wall Mounting - 51 - 65 Inch, Cable Concealed In Wall, Brick Wall?

  • Installation of 1 provider-supplied standard, non-swivel TV mounting bracket
  • Typical installation time of 5 hours
  • Cable concealment within wall using a provider-supplied power cable management kit to create new outlet behind TV
  • TV mounting is for brick or stone wall only
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware

Why should I get help mounting my flat-screen TV on the wall?

Flat-screen TVs are expensive, somewhat delicate, and surprisingly heavy. A professional tv installation will safeguard the investment you've already made in your TV. Also, a pro installer can help you determine the best location for mounting, to help make your home theatre as epic as possible.

What do I need to do before my TV Wall Mounting appointment?

The TV isn't included in the TV Wall Mounting service. Please make sure you have the TV and its power cable on hand before your appointment. When the service provider arrives to mount your flat-screen to the wall, you'll need to show them the wall where the TV goes and the appropriate outlet (directly below or behind your TV).

Where will I see cords when the TV Wall Mounting service is completed?

TV Wall Mounting includes both hiding the HDMI cables within your drywall, and also adding an outlet behind your TV. When TV Wall Mounting is complete, you'll have the look of your TV floating in place on your wall. Note: building codes prohibit power cables being simply tucked behind drywall, because that's a fire hazard. Instead, your pro will supply a power cable management kit or other flat panel TV connection kit to add a power outlet behind your TV. To use the kit, your pro will typically need to locate your TV above an existing power outlet, drill into your drywall, and place the new outlet to the proper height so that it's hidden behind your TV. You may still have cables showing for connected peripherals, such as a gaming system or cable box, which cannot be left in the wall.

Where should I get my TV Wall Mounted?

The TV installer can help you determine the best location, based on the location of the power outlet, the location of wall studs (to support the weight of your TV), and where you plan to sit or lie down while watching the TV. The pro will want to know if you'll be sitting, standing, or lying down, so that the height of the TV will be comfortable for your neck. And, for that reason, TV Wall Mounting on or above a fireplace is rarely the best choice, even if it doesn't involve drilling through solid brick or stone. A tilting TV mount or swivel mount can help or solve the issue, if you decide a higher location is truly the best option for your room. Tilting and swivel mounts generally cost a bit more than standard mounts.

Do I have the right kind of walls for TV Wall Mounting service?

Homes with walls made of drywall are covered in this TV Wall Mounting service.

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