Smart Home Thermostat Replacement

What's included
  • Instructions on proper use
  • If additional works are required, additional costs may be incurred
  • Removal of existing thermostat
  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied smart thermostat
  • Testing new thermostat for proper function
Estimate: £120.00
How do estimates work?
Pros base their estimates on a standard scope of work, and 9 out of 10 customers see no change in final pricing. You will have a chance to review the service details and confirm final pricing with your pro before the work begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with Thermostat Replacement - Smart Thermostat?

  • Removal of existing thermostat
  • Typical installation time of 2 hours
  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied smart thermostat
  • Testing new thermostat for proper function
  • Instructions on proper use

Why should I hire a professional to replace my thermostat?

If you're not an electrician or heating specialist who has experience with thermostat replacements, thermostat installations, or configuring different types of thermostats to residential heating and cooling systems, you run the risk of mixing up a wire or two, blowing a fuse, or making some other potentially expensive mistake while attempting a thermostat replacement or thermostat installation. Some thermostats are pretty complicated, too, so programming the thing can be quite the headache. Leaving the thermostat replacement or thermostat installation up to a professional ensures the job gets done quickly, safely, and correctly the first time.

Does this service price include a new thermostat?

No, this service involves replacing an old thermostat with a new one that you supply. You'll need to do some research to determine what type of thermostat you want installed or replaced (programmable vs. not, digital vs. manual, etc.), and supply it along with any wiring, remotes or other parts that come directly with the unit. Your service professional will also dispose of your old thermostat properly when completing your thermostat replacement request. Some older thermostats contain mercury and have specific laws governing how they are recycled, so it's nice to have a service provider who can handle the complexities of thermostat installations or thermostat replacements for you.

What if I need more than one thermostat replaced?

This service supports the replacement of one thermostat. Feel free to discuss any additional thermostat installations or thermostat replacements required with your professional, who can then provide an updated price estimate. You can choose to accept the new estimate before you pay a dime.

What if I want a smart thermostat installed or replaced?

Most of our service providers have the experience and tools necessary to install the industry's latest thermostat model. Programming your smart thermostat with your mobile device may result in an additional service fee. Once your professional gets in contact with you, feel free to discuss your thermostat specs as well as any other specific needs you have for your thermostat replacement.

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