Bed Assembly

What's included
  • Assembly of 1 bed frame per product instructions
  • Moving the bed frame to a new room is not included
  • If additional works are required, additional costs may be incurred
What type of bed do you have?
Estimate: £29.00
How do estimates work?
Pros base their estimates on a standard scope of work, and 9 out of 10 customers see no change in final pricing. You will have a chance to review the service details and confirm final pricing with your pro before the work begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with Bed Assembly - Bed Frame?

  • Assembly of 1 bed frame per product instructions
  • Typical assembly time of 1 hour
  • Moving the bed frame to a new room is not included

Why should I hire a pro to assemble my bed frame?

A pro will have the right tools and experience to do the bed assembly as quickly and safely as possible, so you can focus on enjoying your new bed frame, instead of assembling it.

What if I need more beds assembled than this service provides?

If you need more beds assembled, simply let your pro know. They can provide you with an updated estimate, and you can choose to accept the offer before work begins.

What if I want my bed moved?

Moving your bed to another location in your home is not included in the assembly price, but definitely let your pro know if you'd like them to move them for you for an additional fee. Your pro can let you know exactly how much the move will cost, as it depends on the product's size and weight, and the difficulty of the move. If you'd rather not pay extra to have your bed moved, you can do the moving on your own.

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